Five of the Best Outdoor Painting Holidays in the World

Art holidays no longer confine to admiring paintings in the galleries and attractive beaches. Nowadays, a handful of specialists offer some breaks that combine sightseeing and painting tuitions, often in gorgeous scenic locations. In short, painting holidays have become more refined now. An expert in an art holiday enhances the paintings by magnificently bringing the work of art into life. Honestly, the experience is truly beautiful! A lot of outdoor lovers who love painting can skip some days in the wilderness with best backpacking axe on hands to enjoy arts instead with pen and paint.

Top Five Painting Holidays

If you are an art lover and want to enhance your skills like never before, these painting holidays are worth the cost. Here are the top five painting holidays for you:

1. Painting Holiday in France

Lachlan Goudie, an artist and judge of BBC’s series Big Painting Challenge, leads this tour. This seven-day Painting Holiday in France is an inspiration for many artists including the last of the Fauves Dali, Chagall and Picasso and the first.

2. Going Solo

Go Learn To’s is an eight-day Painting Holiday in Andalusia, which has painting tuitions. During this, you visit a marvelous beach, a castle, a tropical garden and local towns. As there is no supplement on this course, so it suits the solo travelers more than group travelers. Once you visit this tour, you will simply cherish everything. A lot of adventure travelers who also love arts and painting are likely to participate in this holiday. They simply do not want to spend a little bit spare time taking rest on a bed with a best RV mattress short queen. Instead, these travelers really enjoy interesting outdoor activities like this.

Painting holidays in Andalusia

Painting Holidays guesthouse

3. Art Safari – Africa

When it comes to painting holidays, art safari in South Africa has to be on the list. Here, you go through the astonishing painting deserts, Namibian landscape, salt pans, sand dunes and game reserves. During the journey, you will live in luxurious lodges, often enjoying the waterholes animals gathering around to drink water. The famous Art Safari, established in 1999, runs for 16-days called “Dazzle of Zebras” tour, which starts from 20 February 2018.

4. Italian Fair

Italian painting holidays

Italian Fair for painting holidays

This eight-days Painting in Amalfi tour includes five days of full-fledged painting tuition. Along with the tuition, it offers a free day to relax and rest or enjoy the beauty of Capri or Positano. The journey in Furore has a beautiful private garden that overlooks the Gods of Atrani, Pompeii, bell towers, churches and a waterfront town with aristocratic houses. This Italian fair is unlike the mainstream art holidays. It involves everything from relaxing yourself to painting some extremely creative things. The fair starts from September 2 to September 26.

5. Art Safari – Japan

For people who are looking for something more, Japan Floating Landscapes, a 14-day art safari is exactly what you need. During the itinerary, visit the Land of Rising Sun, along with a chance to meet the contemporary artists of Japan. You will paint several amazing things such as snow monkeys bathing in onsens, Mount Fuji or beautiful hot springs and exciting architecture.

Painting is an art. But, we all can develop this art through painting holidays organized in different parts of the world. Learning and excelling this beautiful art will be a memorable experience when done by an expert. Therefore, such holidays offer an exotic experience to visitors from around the world.

Get closer to nature and plant your painting holiday now.

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